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Program Reviews

The Duffy Group has more than twenty two years of experience conducting program reviews.

The term program is used here to describe the initiative or effort under review or evaluation.  It can apply to an action aimed at an organization-wide undertaking such as improving outcomes for an entire community or focus on a specific project, activity or priority population, e.g., seniors or youth.   Examples of programs include, but are not limited to:
  • Changes to organizational infrastructure or administrative systems;
  • Clinical programs;
  • Direct service intervention;
  • Community mobilization;
  • Training programs;
  • Social marketing campaigns;
  • Advocacy work;
  • Research projects; or
  • Building/renovation projects.
Key Elements
A program review involves:
  • An objective assessment of one or more of the following:
    • Governance,
    • Management,
    • Organizational structure,
    • Decision-making, and
    • Communication.
  • Appraisal of the impact of restructuring.
  • Assessment of day-to-day operations, achievement of program objectives, efficiencies and improvements.
  • Formulation of strategies to improve program utilization
  • Preparation of recovery and implementation plans to address issues and achieve operational improvements.

We can help you do what you do better!

Contact us  for advice on how to address the following (and more):

  • Your organization has been asked by funders or other stakeholders to validate the effectiveness of a key program.
  • You require an objective third-party assessment, assistance with developing a review framework, a better understanding of the issues, or are not sure how to go about conducting a program review.
  • Your organization is having trouble determining if a program or new initiative is really working. Are you measuring the right things? Is the program reaching the intended audience? Is it making a difference? Are program impacts positive? Are the results the ones you expected? Are they sustainable?
  • Clients and stakeholders are not satisfied with a program. Have recent changes made to the program and/or your internal organizational structure caused controversy, disagreement or brought about unintended (and unwanted) outcomes?