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Position Papers and Reports

The following are two examples of our work:

Economic Impacts of Hospitals on Rural and Northern Economies

A series of six studies was conducted by The Duffy Group, to examine the key roles rural and northern hospitals play in maintaining the economic vitality and quality of life in rural communities. Study results demonstrated that in addition to essential health care services, rural hospitals provide jobs and income to local residents and their presence is an important factor in a municipality's ability to attract new residents, business enterprise and investment.

The studies analyzed impacts associated with:

  • The potential loss of jobs;
  • Direct economic impacts through the purchase of goods and services and payment of wages to hospital employees;
  • Induced economic or consumption impacts when wages paid to hospital employee and employees of suppliers are spent in the community creating additional employment and spending; and
  • Indirect economic impacts - businesses that would not exist without the presence of a hospital in the community, businesses that would not locate in a community that does not offer locally accessible, high quality primary health care to their employees, and the economic impact of businesses that buy from and sell to the hospital.

Click here to read the Executive Summary* (pdf document).

*Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this document. It can be downloaded free of charge at:

Co-operation & Collaboration: Melding Tradition with Innovation

In this project The Duffy Group, set out to:

  • Raise awareness of the co-operative (co-op) model as an alternative to the traditional methods of inter-organizational arrangements;
  • Demonstrate how the co-operative model supports and helps advance integration and health reform; and
  • Learn more about best practices in interagency collaboration.

  • Part A is devoted to a general examination of the co-op model and profiles of four health co-ops; and
  • Part B focuses on defining and describing collaboration, the key elements and success tips that make collaboration work, and evaluation in the collaborative context.

Key findings are presented in a series of fact sheets, success tips and examples of best practice in a tools and templates format from which interested readers can choose. Numerous hyperlinks have been provided to facilitate browsing.

Click here to read the Executive Summary* (pdf document). 

*Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this document. It can be downloaded free of charge at:



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