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Request for Proposal and Grant Applications

The Duffy Group has in depth experience preparing proposals for clients who provide acute care, primary health care and community-based visiting nursing, personal support, homemaking and therapy services, medical supplies and equipment.   More than 155 different and major projects have been prepared on behalf of clients who conduct business across Canada.

Contracting authorities include municipal, provincial and federal governments and agencies, health care associations, voluntary organizations and foundations (e.g., Community Care Access Centres, Regional Health Authorities, Veterans Affairs Canada, Health Canada, Workers Compensation Board, Ontario Hospital Association, and The Change Foundation).

We offer a full range of proposal writing services. Depending upon your needs, we can take the lead role for the overall development of your proposal, work alongside your RFP team as a member and/or coach, or serve as an external advisor/reviewer. Specific services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • The careful deconstruction of RFP questions;
  • Content mapping, i.e., the identification of the key content elements that are required in order to a prepare a cogent, high scoring response;
  • The refinement of existing material, e.g., draft responses prepared by your RFP team;
  • The development of new content with material synthesized from a variety of sources, e.g., the literature; policy and procedure manuals; protocols; position descriptions; quality improvement audits; accreditation survey reports and findings; key informant interviews with your staff, service provider partners and other stakeholders; and brainstorming sessions;
  • The polishing and editing of responses to proposal questions;
  • The overall formatting and organization of the RFP document; and
  • A thorough and constructive assessment of the integrity and overall impact of responses to proposal questions.

Another key RFP and grant writing service offered by The Duffy Group is external reviews of unsuccessful proposals. Several clients, in particular those competing for Health Canada and CCAC contracts in Ontario have strengthened their competitive position as a direct result of our advice, suggestions and recommendations.